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AlTommy @best_of_both_
House of Balloons
You cα̲̅n never be old α̲̅nd Wiڪe, if you wα̲̅ڪ never young α̲̅nd Crα̲̅zy. Complex simplicity! Times POTY 2006 #MUFC #United #Zietgiest #Snapchat : bestofboth87
13,049 1,111 875 1,518
GDLewis @LewisGD
Behind the 3pt Line
Tennessean/Floridian | @VanderbiltU Alum | Opinions are my own |-A Black man has no rights a white man is bound to respect-SCOTUS | 2006 @TIME POTY
20,556 1,769 778 1,958
Cohl Fulk @LumpsOfCohl
Raleigh, NC
Follower of Christ. Wrestler at NC State. NCSU Bellhops Campus Manager. FILA-Junior All American. 2006 TIMES' POTY. Wyoming Seminary Alumnus
3,136 269 311 772
Laser Bear @AshokaVanKluyve
Wear my obsession like a badge. Come across a lot of weird things while reading manga. Time Mag POTY 2006.
47,329 123 179 937
Will Fludgate @batwillow
Milton Keynes
Scientific Glassblower, Prof of Bodgiology, PADI Rescue Diver, Radio Ham G1YYU. TIME mag POTY 2006. On IMBb. Black beIt Shotokan Karate +my opinions are mine
1,310 587 169 1,989
Matthew Bitinas @BitinasM
Tennis player, Philanthropist, 2006 PotY
21 21 1 648