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 tweetsfollowingfollowersdays oldSocial Authority
Li Yuan @LiYuan6
Editor of Chinese WSJ. Views here are my own.
717 205 3,956 1,075
Daniel Stacey @DanielStacey
Reporter, Wall Street Journal, Sydney. Find my work here: http://t.co/Sfbkma2zY1 daniel.stacey@wsj.com
757 1,485 3,933 2,134
Preetika Rana @Preetika_Rana
New Delhi
Reporter at The Wall Street Journal's India bureau. Writes about crime and pop culture, among other topics.
815 1,001 3,919 1,972
Bankruptcy Beat @WSJBankruptcy
Washington, D.C.
A @WSJ blog focusing on corporate bankruptcies, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases.
3,148 131 3,914 1,096
Pervaiz Shallwani @Pervaizistan
New York, NY
@WSJ criminal justice reporter based in NYC, focus on the NYPD. Sovereign nation. Trained cook. Former host of #NYChowReport. RTs ≠ endorsements.
5,907 1,903 3,898 2,224
Jonathan Cheng @JChengWSJ
South Korea
Staff Reporter for @WSJ in Seoul. Tweets on North Korea, Samsung and K-pop. Previously based in New York, Hong Kong bureaus. E-mail me: jonathan.cheng@wsj.com.
2,638 544 3,883 1,095
Joe Palazzolo @joe_palazzolo
New York, N.Y.
WSJ legal reporter
2,506 493 3,872 2,087
Thomas L. Friedman @NYTFriedman
NY Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning author of Lexus and the Olive Tree, From Beirut to Jerusalem and Hot, Flat & Crowded. Parody.
95 890 3,871 1,264
WSJ Biz Ed @WSJBizEd
Business-education coverage for The Wall Street Journal. News? Let us know: melissa [dot] korn [at] wsj [dot] com
703 699 3,831 1,187
Ben Leubsdorf @BenLeubsdorf
Washington, D.C.
I cover the U.S. economy and the Federal Reserve for the @WSJ. D.C. native. AP, Concord Monitor alum. Hyperactive news omnivore. Also I like burritos.
12,227 817 3,828 2,006
New York, NY
We've retired this account. Find us @WSJ.
19,249 51 3,820 1,974
William Neuman @willieneuman
New York Times Andes Region correspondent/Corresponsal para la Región Andina: Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Suriname, Guyana, Guiana.
449 168 3,807 2,208
Elisabeth Bumiller @BumillerNYT
Washington, D.C.
New York Times deputy Washington bureau chief, former Pentagon and White House reporter, author
146 202 3,762 1,589
GlennHall @GlennHall
New York, NY
U.S. Editor of The Wall Street Journal. Politics, economy, education, law, real estate, health, science, and the occasional offbeat news from America.
9,827 1,305 3,747 2,411
Julian Sambles @juliansambles
NY - London
Head of Audience, Dow Jones
4,490 4,122 3,745 2,406
Tim Hanrahan @TimJHanrahan
Washington, D.C.
Washington online editor, and a deputy bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal.
4,956 695 3,699 1,979
Stefanie Ilgenfritz @stefaniei
Health & Science bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal. University of Michigan and NYU alum. Retweets are not endorsements.
2,847 382 3,695 1,424
Nicole Hong @nicole_hong
NYC via Chicagoland
Emerging markets reporter for @WSJ, covering global econ and finance. Occasionally write about small business. Northwestern alum.
3,130 867 3,687 1,378
Scott Shane @ScottShaneNYT
Washington, DC
National security reporter for The New York Times
37 450 3,685 1,886
Shalini Ramachandran @ShaliniWSJ
New York City
Wall Street Journal reporter covering the TV & broadband industry. Bookworm, beatboxer, music nerd and media & tech lover. Email: shalini.ramachandran@wsj.com.
1,325 469 3,679 1,993
Jennifer Maloney @maloneyfiles
New York
Arts reporter, bucket gardener, dual citizen (guess), Suzuki music kid. Write me at jennifer.maloney@wsj.com
5,249 480 3,674 1,923
carol giacomo @giacomonyt
New York Times Editorial Board: Foreign policy, defense policy; Ferris professor of journalism at Princeton University, Fall 2013
6,034 675 3,651 1,944
Jacob Gershman @jacobgershman
Wall Street Journal legal affairs reporter. Law Blog lead writer @WSJlawblog. Email me: jacob.gershman@wsj.com
2,850 397 3,648 1,324
Andrew Jacobs @AndrewJacobsNYT
Beijing, China
Andrew Jacobs is a reporter in the Beijing bureau of the New York Times.
391 223 3,643 1,480
Gary Rosen @garyrosenWSJ
Editor of WSJ Weekend Review
8,814 672 3,643 851
Ed Zimmerman @EdGrapeNutZimm
NYC 75007
Give the piano player a drink because he's bringing me down! // Red red wine on Sunday always tastes so good
9,489 1,088 3,641 1,695
Felicity Barringer @felicitybarr
San Francisco, CA
Environment reporter for the NYTimes based in San Francisco. RTs are not endorsements.
1,313 503 3,624 1,814
Steven Perlberg @perlberg
New York, NY
@WSJ reporter covering media/advertising
9,629 789 3,624 1,273
katephillips @katephillips
new york
NYT Bizday editor for retail/food/consumer/labor, etc. Former online politics editor, polling editor. NYC/DC habitats. TV addict.
6,548 837 3,569 2,229
jack healy @jackhealyNYT
Once in Baghdad, now Rocky Mountain correspondent for The New York Times. Total sucker for one adopted Iraqi kitten. Write: jack.healy@nytimes.com.
3,310 361 3,561 1,111
Juro Osawa @JuroOsawa
Hong Kong
Asia tech reporter for Wall Street Journal. Companies I cover include Alibaba, Lenovo, Huawei. Based in Hong Kong after Japan. Tips to juro.osawa@wsj.com
728 1,609 3,552 1,587
Laura Stevens @LauraStevensWSJ
Native Floridian; former Frankfurter; current Atlantan. UCF Knight. Violinist. I've covered fracking and banking. Now I write about shipping for @WSJ.
4,654 882 3,544 1,075
Robin Pogrebin @rpogrebin
New York City
New York Times reporter covering cultural news for the Arts section.
1,399 817 3,518 1,515
Laura M. Holson @lauramholson
NYC or someplace interesting
Feature writer NY Times. Occasionally write about Hollywood where a studio executive once held a butter knife to my neck. My instagram handle is @lauramholson.
6,985 1,133 3,516 1,500
Health and Travel @smarttoshop
United States
Health and Travel from NYtimes Follow to get your health tips, travel tips, shopping tips and more...!
1,876 1,865 3,513 1,070
Jackie Calmes @calmesnyt
Washington, D.C.
Mother of Sarah & Carrie, national correspondent/ex-White House reporter for the NYTimes, formerly at the WSJ, Ohioan, ex- of Texas Warning:Infrequent tweeter
874 216 3,502 1,593
Paula Span @paula_span
New York
Veteran journalist, chronicler of aging, NYT blogger, Columbia J-School prof, author of 'When the Time Comes.' http://t.co/GqGwKNup9k
4,741 197 3,498 1,568
Amol Sharma @asharma
New York, NY
Deputy Bureau Chief of Media and Marketing at The Wall Street Journal. Former India Correspondent. amol.sharma@wsj.com
1,042 121 3,476 2,322
Elizabeth Bernstein @EBernsteinWSJ
I'm a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, where I write a column on relationships. I live in Miami and love reading, sailing, scuba and people.
1,426 1,013 3,465 1,823
Yun-Hee Kim @yunheekim22
Hong Kong via NY and Seoul
Asia Technology Editor at The Wall Street Journal. Email: yun-hee.kim@wsj.com
1,298 617 3,444 696
Thomas Feyer @tomfeyer
New York
Letters editor at The New York Times since 1999; at NYT since '80. Native of Hungary; naturalized American; die-hard New Yorker; Princeton and Columbia alumnus.
11,067 3,291 3,442 2,015
Amanda Lilly @AmandaMLilly
Special projects editor @WSJ. Social media, running, electronic music, Hello Kitty.
3,655 640 3,420 1,395
David Jolly @davjolly
Book-lover, journalist. Trying to make sense of the world.
12,644 545 3,413 2,092
Adviser Intelligence @dowjonesadviser
Wealth Adviser at http://t.co/RJiQRW8PV1 tackles issues that matter to wealth managers, financial planners and other advisers.
2,918 1,903 3,400 1,616
CFO Journal @CFOJournal
The Wall Street Journal's CFO Journal. Read the CFO Report at http://blogs.wsj.com/cfo #CFO
3,970 366 3,395 1,266
Josh Zumbrun @JoshZumbrun
Washington, DC
National economics correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. Covering the world's usual state of greed and disorder, confusion and apathy. josh.zumbrun@wsj.com
5,952 522 3,363 1,250
James Marson @marson_jr
Moscow deputy bureau chief, The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones. Last six months: Maidan/Donbas correspondent. RT = interesting
583 250 3,327 307
Susan Dominus @susandominus
New York City
Staff Writer, New York Times Magazine
401 389 3,294 1,991
Michael Slackman @meslackman
New York City
Deputy International Editor for The New York Times. Previously posted in Cairo, Berlin, Moscow, Albany and Melville, Long Island. Retweets are not endorsements
699 411 3,293 1,929
helenecooper @helenecooper
washington d.c.
full time writer. part time cook, new york times correspondent
220 222 3,250 2,135