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Twitter users with "i love hate" in their profiles
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Bieber Fans OFFICIAL @beliebersfansUS
United States
I love @JustinBieber and @Bonaventure and made this page to support them!!! Go Follow if you don't already!!!
123 44,550 39,257 1,060
pcd | birthday here! @nixllfthemmo
ziall and muke af
@zaynmalik: Hi everyone, just a quick message to say I love all you guys, without your support I don't know what I'd do :) x
140,621 44,563 56,856 1,845
Baby Girl @vrmitchell
Durham, NC
my name is VA I live in Durham NC for now I have my masters degree u do u ill do me got nothing but love for ya :-) #Flylife
31,557 44,388 44,974 1,948
Jessie-Louise @JessieL0uise
Manchester, UK
Born in Germany, brought up in Manchester - I love dogs - #IG @JESSHARTMANN7297 #MUFC
23,304 44,369 59,257 787
Candy Gibbs @CandyGibbsBlogs
I am a wife, mom, and speaker. I love teenagers and encouraging them to chase hard after the heart of God is my passion.
2,193 44,176 60,442 1,328
God ♥'s You @StandsForJustin
I am totally undeserving yet you still LOVE ME. Thank You, GOD. Justin/ Vicktoria Ruffo / Grey's Anatomy
18,140 44,072 49,194 1,461
Doug Curts @WorldSoulAwaken
Following the LIght
I found my niche, truth and gratitude by living in the now. The world is changing with sudden awakenings to spiritual awareness. Defeat fear with Love and God.
20,678 44,176 52,209 2,022
Ariana Grande @arianagaannde
New single THE WAY feat. Mac Miller out now. Filming Sam & Cat. I love music and candy and the beach and happen to have the best ever. Parody account
2,390 43,938 68,285 1,440
I love my life, crazy kids, friends, Coffee SEO, Socialmedia, Innovation, News Tips and Trends, Cycling, TV, sport, books, I travel, medicine and pharmaceutics
2,265 43,930 39,844 1,219
Harry Styles @Harrv_Sfyles
Hello :D I'm 1/5 of One Direction..And if you follow, thank you..I Love You .xx *parody and just for fun*
15 43,832 40,590 850
I'm Not Crazy @YouStillLoveMe
I know you still love me. Did you read the letters I sent? I wrote you a Song. Can we get married? Sorry I threw that rock through your window, call me back!
5,517 43,702 47,399 1,142
AWKWARD @nellyry
United Kingdom
Enjoy making people laugh and also love inspiring and motivating people. I am taken and I have a beautiful baby girl
7,937 43,638 48,552 1,230
Amazing Fragz @fragnator
#Invasion ✨ You're doubtful, I'm astounding. You talk shit while I'm smiling. You're hating, while I live it. You're watching me as I kill it.
19,411 43,635 67,420 1,280
Dr Anto Youssef @cyberanto
Montreal, Canada
Dentist, amateur photographer, environmentalist. I love my job, but I also appreciate the beauty of the World through photography.
8,046 48,656 55,190 2,122
Sydney, A U S T R A L I A
My name is Jason & i like long, romantic walks to the fridge ツ Ariana Grande once said she loved me: https://t.co/VwrlNL7HJ4
24,678 43,206 74,667 2,047
Dennis. @JustRelateLife
I'm not perfect. I'll annoy you, make fun of you, say stupid things, but you'll never find someone who loves you as much as I do.
4,824 43,122 41,295 727
Justin Bieber @justlinbelieber
#BELIEVE is on ITUNES and in STORES WORLDWIDE! - SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE FANS...you are always there for me and I will always be there for you. *parody/fan*
2,564 43,098 19,466 727
Jennifer Crawford @MrsJennCrawford
Tulsa, Oklahoma
I am a wife, mom, world traveler, business lady and a great friend! I have a passion for the people of Africa and I love technology. I am motivated and happy.
6,636 42,962 40,559 2,099
Nadeem Damani @nadeemd
Houston, TX
Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Farmers Insurance Agent, Firewalker, die hard fan of Jim Rohn, Rumi & Tony Robbins. I love photography, yoga & country music
45,808 42,959 42,320 2,190
IG: PeteyPlastic @PeteyPlastic
New York City
I make music & hate everyone. Unsigned/Self Managed Rapper Itunes: https://t.co/yO4qHEEPJk Soundcloud: http://t.co/NTWXZbf02K Contact: petey@peteyplastic.com
23,320 42,890 53,697 1,643
Fitness Family @FitnessFamiIy
The Gym
A fitness girl who is here to tweet motivational tips and advice. I love the #FitFam community :)
13,995 42,837 54,004 648
Courtney Farrell @CAFarrell
Bestselling author of 17 books,both traditionally published and Indie. Book 1 of my wild new series, BAIT, is available now. I love dogs, horses, and reading.
16,629 42,775 44,077 1,278
Kristopher Raphael @krisraphael
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Author, Coach, The Golden Flow System founder, Law of Attraction, The Four Agreements, Enneagram, I love to see people be the best they can possibly be.
60,143 42,729 41,886 2,218
Love @TheWeekndPost
*XO Parody*
I Live In Kiss Land With XO In My Bloodwork (This is NOT Abel)
36,870 42,624 75,124 1,263
Andy O'tam @MrMake_HerSmile
Famous For No Reason✓ | Harare
I speak words of love . Lose yourself under my seduction || #AtypicalDynasty
7,640 42,543 42,401 706
DJ Aspeth @djaspeth
London, UK
I'm a professional Trance and Prog House DJ from São Paulo, Brazil. Lucky enough to make a living out of the thing I love the most: bringing music to the world!
2,037 42,534 37,666 2,020
Kevin Jordan @KevinTWL
Long Beach, CA
I'm Kevin Jordan. I sing for an acoustic band called This Wild Life, live in the sketchy city of Long Beach, CA and love dogs :D http://t.co/vTlvXjO3Ok
3,699 42,479 98,654 1,961
Austin Reed @Austin_Reed16
Justin Follows Me :)
hi:) i'm Austin, i am 16 years old. i'm a #BoyBelieber and no that does not make me Gay i also love Austin Mahone, 1D, & Rihanna. btw, i always follow back :)
632 42,465 50,672 1,046
Edmund Lee @EdmundSLee
Orange County, California
Social Media Strategist | Michael E Gerber Dreaming Room Facilitator | Creating Entrepreneurs | Helping People Find Life Purpose & I Love College Football!! =)
87,495 42,459 54,057 1,433
Jenuine Ward @jenuinehealing
I AM where God stands
Psychic, Medium, Intuitive, Empath, Reiki Master, Shaman & Energy coach using all tools available to help people turn around & Love God back.
168,277 42,435 42,199 1,788
Christine✌️ @Krissii19
Gallifrey (Leeds, Yorkshire)
I like books so much more than I like people.... ♡ Some infinities are bigger than others.... ♡ Books are love. Books are life.
8,274 42,412 43,260 1,847
éclare @seaweed115B
#BENGHAZI〰 I FOLLOW BACK 100%〰 #Love #music #Fun #Nature #Photog ♦️You unfollow I block ♦️ & Impeach O♦️TeamQueen♦️#TFB_cats♦️#TFB♦️#VnAmuzik♦️MGWV♦️#TURNEDUP♦️
57,561 42,378 40,162 434
I hate school @kinky_for_5SOS
i love food and @5SOS and i post 5sos vines a lot
54,010 42,362 40,858 502
Harris Sultan @VJHarrisSultan
Islamabad, Pakistan
16 • Single • Premedical • 6'o • Chocolate lover • Eminem, 1D, JB! ❤ I hate studying, I love people! Birthday: 1st January! Kik: harissultan
6,249 42,312 46,167 548
Follow me sunshine? @DemHazzaCurls
behind you oh
I'm in love with Dem Hazza Curls. Get it? No? Lol, ok bye. @irwiegucci is my sweet lemonade on a hot day. Be nice to nice. -H. S.
83,018 42,183 53,335 1,101
In the valley fearing no evil♕
★#ChristFollower✰Complex★#TruthTeller✰I love REAL ppl who #KeepItHonest★I Thank God 4my DAILY #Victories!#Undefeated #Unstoppable #StillStanding(Rom8:31)#FAVOR✰
130,646 42,175 42,212 2,060
木村 レミ @ramremi
I've been studying English for 6years. My English is very poor, but I love speaking English!レベルは下だけど英語のお勉強してます。1年に一回プチ留学してます。インテリア大好き!ダイエットは永遠のテーマです。
8,036 42,094 35,067 1,743
FABIO @vv4rrior
cause i can love you more than this
208,470 42,088 118,246 1,267
f396 @f396
South Texas
Not Racist, not silent, Not Politically correct , despise big Government , Liberals and spineless Republicans.If you love animals ,there's a chance I like you
122,081 42,062 41,892 1,731
Reid @OfficiallyReid
Detroit Viva la vida Vegas
I #Rap so I love #hiphop Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.
58,584 42,055 54,058 1,417
Arianna @Tichft5SOS
Norfolk, England
Olly Murs, 5SOS & Rhett & Link | @rhettandlink tweeted x1,retweeted x1, favourited x2 & dmed✨@linklamont tweeted x1✨@Bieberforworld1✨I love pugs✨
44,032 41,971 46,609 628
Christian~Constitutionalist~Capitalist~NRA~TEA~Wife~Mom~Gram Following PATRIOTS & by @SeanHannity @SenTedCruz @AllenWest #SisterPatriots #TCOT #LNYHBT #CCOT
88,303 41,891 49,138 820
Phil Mike Hunt @FootyMadChick
Hey! So I'm a girl that loves Football - Liverpool FC! You should DM or tweet me sometime... and no my name isn't really Phil!
1,633 41,875 47,694 873
John Yowan @Yowan
Jacksonville, FL
An awesome libertarian. I love tech, piano, guitar, physics, philosophy, economics, and chess. BTC: 14sReauc3vF8tvDseqRYJi9bpJfYQW7BdJ
61,937 41,613 42,887 2,354
♕ Nathan ♕ @MrInternationl
New Orleans - Houston - SLC
I love Italian food, French beaches, German cars, Chinese proverbs & American Freedom. #WhoDat #Saints fan & #BusinessOwner #BBM 334A7F2F #KIK MrInternationl
69,225 41,458 52,787 1,623
FemaleCravings @FemaleCravings
I love Food cause food will never leave you
155 41,452 50,131 693
Nepal @SereneNepal
If tomorrow never comes I wanna remind each and everyone of you that I love you all :)) I RT English Tweets !
1,746 41,388 39,964 295
SYLVIA DGAF [69K] @dat_gemini_life
San Diego, California
#TrillNation No Time For Drama I'm Too Busy Making Money ✌️. Follow Me On IG & Show Some Love❤️ http://Instagram.com/Sylvia_dgaf
23,399 41,333 70,961 983
DrJimFox26 @DrJimFox26
Houston, Texas
Chief meteorologist, husband, dad , weather geek, co-founder, patent holder, children's author, and I love forecasting the weather!
4,891 41,209 42,584 2,375
♡ cata ♡ @idkimsmiler
junin, arg
I love food that's my fuckin problem. #T34MP4J4
100,292 41,203 50,434 1,439