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 tweetsfollowingfollowersdays oldSocial Authority
WSJ Canada @WSJcanada
Toronto, Canada
The Wall Street Journal brings you breaking news from or about Canada.
13,313 139 4,697 1,049
Vivian Toy @VivianSToy
New York, NY
Deputy editor of the New York Times Real Estate section.
807 224 4,662 1,805
Cynthia Collins @NYCcyn
New York City
@NYTimes digital marketing/social media. Professional fan of Springsteen & E Street Band, Yankees baseball & surfing. Man, the dope's that there's still hope.
10,088 2,929 4,606 2,292
Ted Mann @TMannWSJ
New York, NY
Reporter, corporate bureau, The Wall Street Journal.
18,672 1,110 4,604 2,019
NOT New York Times @freeNYTimes
Unofficial NYTimes API feed. Read more than your 20 articles/month allotment, because you came from Twitter! Data provided by The New York Times.
271,200 0 4,591 1,232
Daniel Wakin @danwakin
New York
New York Times deputy culture editor. Used to cover classical music, dance, papal conclaves and other stuff occasionally. Plays a little clarinet.
1,067 461 4,573 1,771
Rukmini Callimachi @rcallimachi
New York, New York
Foreign correspondent for The New York Times, focusing on al-Qaeda and Islamic extremism. Retweet doesn't mean I agree, but rather I find this interesting.
4,178 1,070 5,131 1,936
Susan Edgerley @nytedgerley
New York, New York
Dining Editor of The New York Times, #NYTCooking
1,752 594 4,528 2,050
Jennifer Medina @jennymedina
Los Angeles
New York Times national correspondent in LA. Southern California native. Still trying to understand the place. Explanations welcome: jemedina@nytimes.com
1,679 1,015 4,522 1,967
Paul Smalera @smalera
Tower of Views
Editor of @nytopinion app and Op-Talk for @nytimes
8,821 1,573 4,513 2,274
Frances Robles @FrancesRobles
Miami, FL
New York Times correspondent for Florida, the Caribbean and Central America.
5,347 2,192 4,507 1,955
Adriana Gardella @adrianagardella
New York, NY
Tweet mostly about my writing on women + entrepreneurship and smallbiz for the NYT.
1,501 248 4,498 1,698
Laura Meckler @laurameckler
Washington, DC
Covering changing American demographics and politics for the Wall Street Journal, including immigration. Every so often, I add a side of health care.
559 403 4,474 1,983
Shayndi Raice @Shayndi
London, UK
Pronounced Shayne-dee. I am not a drink. Deals reporter for The Wall street Journal based in London.
2,356 603 4,448 1,520
Marc Lacey @marclacey
New York, NY
Associate Managing Editor @nytimes. Previously, Deputy Foreign Editor & correspondent in Mex City, Nairobi, Wash DC & Phoenix.
4,669 1,257 4,447 2,262
Stefan Bienkowski @SBienkowski
Glasgow, Scotland
Journalist. Write/talk about football predominantly Bundesliga. @NYTimes and @BR_UK
17,069 533 4,443 1,807
jasonbellini @jasonbellini
New York
Senior Producer at The Wall Street Journal and Dad to Bugsy and Theo
1,938 1,429 4,440 2,201
WSJ Budget Battle @WSJBudgetBattle
This account serves primarily to tweet and retweet news and analysis related to the Washington budget battle.
1,212 172 4,429 629
New York, NY
Comms team @DowJones & @WSJ. We are: @paulakeve @katedobbinUK @natselz @rachelmanfredo @ang_ferrante @marcialarson
1,381 255 4,426 1,136
SWITCH HITTA @mynameischapman
behind you
24,542 878 4,400 1,991
Deborah Gage @deborahgage
San Jose, CA
Reporter, Wall Street Journal and VentureWire, following tech, startups and whatever else I find interesting from Silicon Valley; deborah.gage@wsj.com
4,293 709 4,390 2,347
Laurie Goodstein @lauriegnyt
New York Times National Religion Correspondent. Covering the reverent and irreverent since 1993. @washpost @nytimes http://t.co/4zgDOOZFPX
2,133 549 4,385 933
Rachel Louise Ensign @RachelEnsignWSJ
New York, NY
@WSJ risk & compliance reporter. Covering whistleblowers, bribery, money laundering, corporate compliance. rachel.ensign@wsj.com
3,403 1,091 4,370 1,115
Timothy Aeppel @TimAeppel
New York
I write about economics and manufacturing for the Wall Street Journal. Tim.Aeppel@wsj.com
3,779 504 4,402 1,757
Emily Glazer @EmilyGlazerWSJ
New York, NY
Banking reporter for @WSJ focusing on JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. Show me the ropes: emily.glazer@wsj.com. http://t.co/Evev3RB4dc
1,824 597 4,319 2,113
Anna Mathews @annawmathews
Los Angeles
Health reporter for the Wall Street Journal covering insurers and hospitals.
217 224 4,307 1,911
Alan Zibel @AlanZibel
Washington, DC
I cover consumer finance, economics and housing from DC for the Wall Street Journal. Tips to alan.zibel@wsj.com
4,080 1,738 4,275 1,914
Mark Mazzetti @MarkMazzettiNYT
Washington, DC
National Security Correspondent, The New York Times. Author of The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth.
57 284 4,358 1,472
Loretta Chao @LorettaChao
São Paulo
WSJ reporter in Brazil. Tweets in English & Portuguese (Views are my own).
1,048 934 4,185 2,376
NYT Prescriptions @NYTPrescription
New York, NY
New York Times Prescriptions Blog - Making Sense of the Health Care Debate
1,294 89 4,174 1,794
jeff sommer @jeffsommer
New York
New York Times business editor, columnist (former podcast host)
4,593 1,365 4,145 2,079
Deborah Solomon @deborah_solomon
Washington, DC
I oversee financial regulatory coverage for the WSJ and write about the wacky world of financial regulation. Mom of two crazy boys.
1,886 406 4,139 1,794
Danny Yadron @dannyyadron
San Francisco
@WSJ's cybersecurity reporter. Recovering Washingtonian. danny.yadron@wsj.com B05B 613D 9A2B 7233 4F75 F218 D6A4 FA73 0DF7 A097
2,896 1,653 4,131 2,090
Bradley Davis @bradleydaviswsj
New York, NY
Digital Editor for Markets & Finance, The Wall Street Journal. Head twit: @wsjmarkets. Omahan in New York.
4,141 418 4,113 1,210
Louise Radnofsky @louiseradnofsky
Washington, D.C.
Health policy reporter for the Wall Street Journal.
1,235 952 4,096 1,046
Tim Rohan @TimRohan
New York, NY
Mets Reporter, The New York Times. Michigan alum. Erie native. Timothy.Rohan@nytimes.com
6,035 564 4,088 1,660
Sara Clemence @SaraClemence
New York, NY
@WSJ travel editor, writer, food-lover. Sharing tips, trends, inspiration, advice you didn't ask for. Views expressed=mine all mine.
3,250 1,108 4,077 1,992
Andrew Das @AndrewDasNYT
@NYTSports editor w/ focus on soccer, international sports. Eligible to play for U.S., Germany and Netherlands internationally, though no help to any of them.
9,398 498 4,062 1,045
Bret Stephens @StephensWSJ
New York
Foreign Affairs Columnist, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal.
189 111 4,034 443
Nicola Clark @_nicolaclark
Paris, France
Reporter, The International New York Times @nytimes
4,160 208 4,013 1,867
Paul Mozur @paulmozur
Beijing, China
Reporter for The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires in Beijing covering everything related to China tech. The views in the tweets be mine alone.
2,783 963 4,003 1,773
Shirley S Wang @ShirleySWangWSJ
Health reporter and In the Lab columnist at The Wall Street Journal. RTs not endorsements.
2,098 512 3,990 1,703
Melissa Korn @melissakorn
Wall Street Journal reporter covering higher ed, with a focus on b-schools and the college-to-career pathway. I like scoops, including those made of ice cream.
2,081 732 3,985 1,772
Rani Molla @ranimolla
Visual Journalist at The Wall Street Journal, formerly @Gigaom, Tweeting about culture, tech, #datavis
5,594 617 3,962 2,064
Bradley Hope @bradleyhope
New York
Formerly of Cairo/Beirut. Now covering market structure and exchanges for the Wall Street Journal's Money & Investing section bradley.hope@wsj.com
3,239 1,304 3,934 1,989
Brian Spegele @bspegele
Beijing, China
Reporter @WSJ. Eyes on China: resources, security, environment 等等
620 960 3,924 1,846
Samuel Rubenfeld @srubenfeld
Astoria, NY
Wall Street Journal reporter; opinions are my own. Also tweeting at @WSJRisk. Stories here http://t.co/ybCFPJJfou
54,175 754 3,920 2,485
New York Times New England bureau chief, based in Boston.
896 680 3,907 2,590
NYT Developers @nytdevs
The New York Times
NYT Developers and tech staff share the wonder of code and culture in The New York Times and beyond.
973 174 3,886 2,025
S. Davidoff Solomon @StevenDavidoff
The Cloud
Law Professor; Deal Junkie; New York Times Deal Professor; Etc.(fka Steven Davidoff)
785 436 3,904 1,361