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Yoree Koh @yoreekoh
San Francisco
WSJ reporter in San Francisco. Formerly of the Tokyo bureau. Missing New York. Hungry for news and food. Views are my own, duh.
1,477 548 2,953 2,071
Adam Bedell @adamrights
Wanderer, Hacker for right
full stack open source enthusiast @WSJ ...rising from the sea; hear old Triton blow his wreath├Ęd horn.
256 165 74 2,070
Lora Kolodny @lorakolodny
San Francisco (sometimes NYC)
Optimist in disguise. Dog person. Startups, Tech & Venture Capital Reporter at DowJones, WSJ formerly TechCrunch, NYTimes, Inc. email: loraekolodny[at] gmail
19,382 9,794 11,366 2,069
Wilson Rothman @wjrothman
San Francisco / Bay Area
Personal Tech Editor at @WSJ; husband, father, semi-successful kitchen warrior
5,923 657 13,545 2,065
WSJ World News @WSJworld
New York, NY
World news coverage from The Wall Street Journal.
38,450 10 76,654 2,064
WSJ U.S. News @WSJusnews
New York, NY
Latest headlines, top stories, breaking news in the United States from The Wall Street Journal.
26,710 2 24,361 2,064
WSJ Asia @WSJAsia
Breaking news and features from The Wall Street Journal with a local and regional focus on Asia. Tweets by @mayaj, @brittanyhite @joshchin and @tepingchen
78,236 583 49,321 2,064
WSJ China News @WSJchina
Keep up with the latest news out of China @ChinaRealTime. For breaking news and features from Asia, follow @WSJAsia. This account is no longer active.
11,075 388 58,325 2,064
WSJ Vintage @WSJvintage
Fine wine coverage from The Wall Street Journal: best buys, #oneminutewine videos, tasting notes and fortified views. Tweets led by @Will_Lyons
5,567 403 7,923 2,064
WSJ Europe @WSJeurope
News, business, finance, technology and culture from The Wall Street Journal in Europe. Tweets by @SarahMarshall @mrjohncrowley @wright_michael_
58,567 831 102,226 2,064
WSJ Business News @WSJbusiness
New York, NY
The Wall Street Journal's Business editors share the latest breaking news and their insights on what matters most in business and finance.
53,604 202 630,741 2,064
WSJ Legal News @WSJlaw
New York, NY
Legal news, litigation reports and regulation coverage from The Wall Street Journal.
4,293 4 35,895 2,064
WSJ Law Blog @WSJlawblog
New York, NY
Hot cases, emerging trends and big personalities in law from The Wall Street Journal.
4,652 13 75,487 2,064
WSJ Health News @WSJhealth
New York, NY
Health, healthcare, biotech, new drugs & medicine coverage from The Wall Street Journal.
9,443 23 418,425 2,064
WSJ Markets @WSJmarkets
New York, NY
Breaking news, smart analysis and in-depth features on global markets and finance from The Wall Street Journal. | Tweets by: @bradleydaviswsj
37,341 372 125,902 2,064
WSJ Personal Finance @WSJpersfinance
New York, NY
Personal finance news updates from The Wall Street Journal, including the Total Return blog. Tweets by @DamatoK
6,915 30 273,467 2,064
WSJ Live @WSJLive
New York, NY
Latest video updates from The Wall Street Journal. https://t.co/jyU5rewqK6
42,300 343 30,060 2,064
WSJ Think Tank @WSJThinkTank
Washington, D.C.
Think Tank is Capital Journal's home for outside analysis from policy and political thinkers. No subscription needed.
18,019 402 35,058 2,064
WSJ Sports @WSJSports
New York City
The Wall Street Journal's tireless sports nerds provide news, more news, *eureka* analysis, heaps of data and facts that have actually been checked.
15,103 219 42,851 2,064
WSJ Developments @WSJdevelopments
New York, NY
We've moved; please follow us at @WSJRealEstate
2,397 302 17,236 2,064
WSJ Mansion @WSJRealEstate
New York, NY
Inside the world of luxury real estate, via The Wall Street Journal. Managed by @emilygitter @BethDeCarbo @stefanoschen & @hustonca
5,138 193 146,016 2,064
Ben Leubsdorf @BenLeubsdorf
Washington, D.C.
I cover the economy and the Federal Reserve for @WSJ. D.C. native. Hyperactive news omnivore. Also I like burritos.
12,739 857 4,087 2,064
WSJ Small Business @WSJsmallbiz
New York, NY
Small business news updates from The Wall Street Journal.
5,169 103 78,381 2,064
WSJ MarketTalk @WSJmarketTalk
News, views, trade ideas.
12,353 60 34,693 2,064
Nikki Waller @wallernikki
New York, New York
Management & Careers editor at @WSJ.
3,662 1,469 3,250 2,059
Julie Jargon @juliejargon
Wall Street Journal's restaurant industry reporter, Greater LA
436 237 1,240 2,058
Christopher Weaver @cdweaver
New York, NY
WSJ health care reporter. Pitches: 212-555-0178 Tips: 212-416-4084
1,041 197 2,550 2,057
Max Alexander @1maxalexander
Coast of Maine, West of Africa
Author of Bright Lights, No City, which chronicles @BurroBrand his brother's startup social enterprise in Ghana, West Africa. Read the WSJ review here:
251 277 222 2,053
Geoffrey Rogow @GRogow
New York, NY
@WSJ News Editor. Ex-FX, US equities and Australian economics reporter. BBQ enthusiast.
6,953 1,813 2,757 2,052
Kathy Chu @chukathy
Hong Kong
WSJ Asia Corporate Reporter currently covering Hong Kong protests
484 702 2,298 2,052
Alex Frangos @alexfrangos
Hong Kong
Asia Editor for @WSJ's Heard on the Street column. Also baseball and U.S. news junkie. RTs are interesting.
2,994 487 2,088 2,052
Shalini Ramachandran @ShaliniWSJ
New York City
Wall Street Journal reporter covering the TV & broadband industry. Bookworm, beatboxer, music nerd and media & tech lover. Email: shalini.ramachandran@wsj.com.
1,573 478 4,246 2,051
jeff bennett @jeffbennettwsj
Detroit MI
Wall Street Journal reporter covering General Motors Co. and auto suppliers. jeff.bennett@wsj.com
1,625 270 1,309 2,050
Will Connors @wconnors
Rio de Janeiro
Wall Street Journal reporter in Brazil. Previously in West Africa and Canada. On Instagram at @wconnors. william.connors@wsj.com
5,459 521 3,069 2,043
Jennifer Valentino @jenvalentino
New York
Jennifer Valentino-DeVries: Investigative reporter @WSJ. For secure contact, PGP, more see: https://t.co/La8RBRTCZQ. Currently on maternity leave.
2,956 444 6,895 2,039
Marie Beaudette @mariebeaudette
New York
WSJ deals editor. Sunnyside dweller. Lover of kitsch. Mom to a wild child.
631 525 822 2,037
John J. Edwards III @johnjedwards3
WSJ/DJ deputy business editor, EMEA. Help to oversee the region's corporate coverage; run London consumer/retail/pharma. Family man, culture fan, tennis player.
1,830 2,669 2,791 2,037
Carlos Tejada @CRTejada
WSJ editor in Beijing. Slowly, painfully studying Chinese. Retweet = look at this, nothing more. Warning: There will be #Jayhawks posts.
6,758 643 4,378 2,034
WSJ Radio Network @WSJRadio
New York, NY
Digital audio content from The Wall Street Journal Radio Network, including @WSJThisMorning. Download our new app for Amazon, Android and iOS devices.
25,380 101 7,575 2,032
Alan Zibel @AlanZibel
Washington, DC
I cover consumer finance from DC for the Wall Street Journal. Tips to alan.zibel@wsj.com
4,535 1,861 4,604 2,031
Amy Harder @AmyAHarder
Washington DC
I cover energy policy for The Wall Street Journal. amy.harder@wsj.com.
7,307 2,722 16,741 2,024
Ryan Tracy @ryanjtracy
Washington, DC, USA
Reporting on banking policy, financial stability, virtual currencies @WSJ. Seizing the day.
2,124 474 1,892 2,023
James Hookway @JamesHookway
Scribbling away for The Wall Street Journal in Asia and sometimes beyond. Also at james.hookway@wsj.com. An RT just means it's interesting.
292 520 904 2,022
Speakeasy @WSJspeakeasy
New York and Los Angeles
Covering pop culture, entertainment, celebrity and the arts for @WSJ.
22,908 745 29,519 2,016
Telis Demos @telisdemos
New York
I cover capital markets for The Wall Street Journal. Opinions are my own, natch. telis.demos@wsj.com
2,491 462 3,165 1,993
Saeed Shah @SaeedShah
Islamabad, Pakistan
Journalist covering Pakistan for The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ). RTs are not an endorsement, all opinions my own.
8,636 2,505 24,989 1,987
Rita Trichur @RitaTrichur
Canadian banking reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Tweets about financial services and other fun things Canuck. Email me at rita.trichur@wsj.com
8,258 1,311 2,336 1,987
Surya Bhattacharya @SuryatapaB
Journalist, Wall Street Journal, India
4,954 662 1,282 1,984
Jennifer Maloney @maloneyfiles
New York
Books reporter, bucket gardener, Suzuki music kid. Write me at jennifer.maloney@wsj.com
5,446 499 4,094 1,980
Eleanor Warnock @misssaxbys
I cover Japanese economy and finance (everything from AKB to JGBs) @WSJ. I sometimes moonlight as a fake eyelash/kimono model.
2,038 574 2,273 1,979