Dive Deeper Analyzing Someone’s Followers With Your New Tools

Identify key insights about your competition, make informed decisions and drive predictable results by analyzing their followers like no other:

  • Their top influential followers
  • Most engaged time-zones
  • Engagement reach, and tweet data
  • Find common followers between any account combination
  • NEW! Brand affinity
  • NEW! Influence distribution  
  • NEW! Interactive map and exportable chart to a city level
  • NEW! Followers' demographics, languages and time zones

Make every message reach the right people by knowing if your target prospects match your audience’s demographics, languages, and time zones down to a city level.

Analyzing accounts someone follows with your new tools

Get more precise while looking for accounts someone follows by adding more criteria using Search & Explore.

Just enter the user’s @handle under “Accounts followed by one of these Twitter accounts ”