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Twitter users with "home brewing" in their profiles
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Beer Esquire™ @BrewStuds
Premium news & reviews: Craft Beer, Home Brewing. Authors of #TopBrewsTues. #HigherGravity giveaways all 2015. Email: BrewQs@BeerEsquire.com #craftbeer
10,436 21,757 43,707 1,011
BeerSmith @beersmith
Homebrewer, author of BeerSmith software, podcast, the book 'Home Brewing with BeerSmith', http://t.co/T6RMcNpu, http://t.co/UY3r7m3a, http://t.co/Zge7FFse
2,269 4,014 15,930 2,596
Beverage Elements @bvrgelements
Minneapolis, MN
Beverage Elements is your source for home brew beer and soda kegging equipment including CO2 Cylinders, Kegs and Parts. #craftbeer #homebrew #beer #keg #beerme
13,817 15,293 15,660 1,489
Midwest Brewing @midwestbrewing
Minneapolis, MN
Serving your Home brew and Wine making needs since 1995
2,349 1,298 12,445 2,178
Latchtopbeerbottles @Latchtopbeerbot
Calgary Alberta
Manufacturer. Latchtop bottles for sale for micro brews, home brew, oils and wine making. Small mins! 1 litre 750, 500 ml in amber and flint.
1,188 12,579 12,399 1,329
Beer Wasteland @BeerWasteLand
Whittemore, IA
A beer blog straight from the beer wasteland that is Northern Iowa. We cover brewery visits, events, home brewing, & brews we try! #Craftbeer #IowaBeer
470 230 10,743 1,543
James Spencer @basicbrewing
Northwest Arkansas
Host of Basic Brewing podcasts and home brewing DVDs.
13,166 606 7,145 2,550
Jeff Esposito @jeffespo
Waltham, MA
#SocMedia mgr @Vistaprint. Dad & fan of NJ Devils, BoSox, #Ravens, #socialmedia, craft beer & home brewing & having a good ole time. Also social media bookie
72,453 5,100 5,233 2,487
Festival of Beer @FestOfBeer
Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa's only Festival of Beer. Micro-brewers. Mega-brewers. Craft beers. Home brews. Food. Bands. Almost 200 beers. JHB 27 - 28 Sept CPT 28 - 30 Nov 2014
5,979 671 4,611 1,642
Craft Beer Review @CraftBeerReview
Phoenix, AZ
I love craft beer and I'm an honest reviewer. I live in Phoenix by way of Texas and travel all over in search of great breweries/bottle shops/home brews. #craft
1,253 713 4,486 1,840
Craft Beer Oz @CraftBeerOz
Sydney, Australia
Craft Beer, Craft Brew Journalist, Taster, and Judge. For the love of quality beers, from home brew to commercial.
401 841 4,236 1,404
Craft Brewed @craftbrewednash
2502 Franklin Pike Nashville
Nashville's Bottle Shop & Tasting Room for #craftbeer. We have an extensive selection of home brewing supplies. High-gravity beers, spirits, and wines.
2,678 922 4,208 901
CT Beer Trail @CTBeerTrail
Discover Connecticut's beer culture, boasting great local breweries, quality brewpubs and beer bars, home brew supply shops, and beer fests.
5,639 748 3,977 1,598
Lexington Beerworks @LexBeerworks
Lexington, KY
Lexington's premiere craft beer taproom and home brew supply. Love great beer? Interested in learning? Visit us on N. Limestone!
8,311 556 3,687 1,306
Les Orchard @lmorchard
Royal Oak, Michigan
serially enthusiastic, caffeine-dependent; {web,mad,computer} scientist; {tech,scifi} writer; home{brew,roast}er; mozillian
19,008 2,790 3,455 3,088
Jim Lavin @otakubrewing
Lewisville, TX USA
Technology Geek, CTO and early adopter who loves the bleeding edge of technology, home brewing and video making.
4,517 554 3,282 2,491
Sorry @HazTweetz
Auckland / Melbourne
Home Brew Crew / Team Dynamite #YGBOPMGHDTD!
111,958 730 3,223 1,503
Kombucha Brooklyn @KombuchaBK
Brooklyn, New York
KBBK is your premier source for Kombucha. Drink our brew in-house or at locations all over NYC. Brew your own with our Home Brew Kits. Live, Sip, Thrive!
2,343 1,348 3,109 2,102
Home Brewing @homebrew_rr
Live Content Curated by top Home Brewing Influencers
1,121 2,921 3,025 104
Josh, Dave, & Tommy @theBrewFanatics
Chicago and Cincinnati
Love beer? So do we! We're on a mission to craft great tasting brews en route to starting our own brewery / pub. Share your beer & home brewing stories with us!
2,445 3,560 3,013 1,871
windygil @windygil
Self Sufficiency, Home Brew, Free electricity from wind power, Bake Bread
22,950 2,982 2,606 2,100
NC Triad Beer @nctriadbeer
Triad, NC
I LOVE Beer! My goal is to support and boost awareness of the craft beer and home brewing scene in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point area.
11,477 741 2,596 1,482
BrewUK @BrewUK
Brewing news, product reviews, recipes and everything to do with home brewing. 01722 410705
1,865 1,798 2,572 2,148
Mark Smith @Markw4mms
Bremen, GA
Pipe smoker/collector for over 30 years. I also enjoy cigars, home brewing, amateur radio (callsign W4MMS), and photography. #PJNET #TCOT #CCOT #RedNationRising
15,770 2,442 2,392 2,198
SpikeBrewing @SpikeBrewing
Milwaukee, WI
Makers of the Highest Quality TIG Welded Home Brewing Equipment You Can Buy
119 0 2,342 955
Great Fermentations @gr8fermentation
Indianapolis, IN
Great Fermentations is here to provide you with all the materials necessary for a quality home brew. We’re here to help craft something great.
1,293 804 2,244 1,808
Mr.Beer @mrbeer
Tucson, AZ
America's #1 Selling Home Brewing System.
3,291 665 2,206 2,053
SanAntonioCerveceros @SACerveceros
San Antonio, Texas
Educational Home Brew group who appreciates and loves beer. Home brewing, friend making, fun-loving people. Check out our Facebook Fan Page! Craftbeer
1,590 2,021 2,052 1,824
The Drunk Yinzer @TheDrunkYinzer
Pittsburgh's best source for home brewing and craft beer news, reviews and inebriation.
2,635 1,050 1,859 1,758
Brew Beer Blog @TheBrewBeerBlog
Orange County, Ca
Brew Beer Blog is a Craft Beer blog that brings you the latest brewery news, beer reviews, and home brewing recipes. #beer #craftbeer #homebrew #beernerd
383 369 1,850 628
Nick Perry @nickperry
Fan of option & stock trading, lead generation, PPC, SEO, web analytics, power tools, and home brewing. And no, I don't play for Green Bay.
2,453 1,963 1,784 2,506
Staci @lifeofstaci
The World is my stage!
Founder & Thinker-In-Chief @Modern87Marketing. I ♥ coffee, #Albuquerque and home brewing #wine & beer. Let's connect!
7,401 1,144 1,768 1,478
Retro Culture @retroculture
retro culture grow real ginger beer plant. cultures for brewing, kefir, Kombucha, yeast, scoby. home brewing, beer, fermentations and loads more. Update soon
6 1,987 1,713 1,412
The Flowering Hop @TheFloweringHop
Yardley, PA
Exploring and enjoying the wonderful world of craft beer and home brewing :) Header photo: 2/14/15. Yum! Annual Valentine's Day tasting from our cellar.
649 1,659 1,629 396
Lazy Brewer @MarkRanes
Turlock, CA
I am the Lazy Brewer! I enjoy home brewed and craft beer. Yum!
3,088 1,559 1,626 2,412
Beer Rican @BeerRican
Puerto Rico
Medio oficial de la cerveza artesanal y homebrewing en Puerto Rico // Official media of Puerto Rican Craft Beer and Home Brewing.
5,773 2,000 1,607 890
Tattooed Cowboy @PA_Cowboy35
Middle of No where, PA
23. PA born Diesel smoke makes me horny Baseball is my first love. Home brew master. Avi is me! #KCCO #Tattoo #Inked #welder
4,998 854 1,567 928
SerendipityUnlimited @serendipitytalk
We are two friends who have a website on angels, jewelry, incense, beeswax candles, affirmations, holistics and home brewing. http://t.co/mjzAD08KMB
1,594 1,776 1,485 1,476
Wurstfest @Wurstfest
New Braunfels, Texas
Wurstfest's first ever Craft Beer Festival goes down May 9th! Live music, Craft Beers, Home Brew competition and much more await you this summer at Wurstfest!
254 51 1,415 2,052
Wibblers Brewery @WibblersBrewery
Dengie Peninsula, Essex
Founded by Philip & dad Jeremy in 2007 after over 20 years of home brewing. Suppliers of fine craft brewed ales and lagers to the trade and general public.
1,169 627 1,407 1,739
Dub Ladies Beer Soc @DubBeerLadies
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin Ladies Craft Beer Society: Brewery Tours, Beer Tastings, Home Brewing, Beer Dinners, and everything else craft beer! Tweets by Christina @BeerLadiesPrez
1,354 782 1,394 566
GeoDad Travel @geodad_blog
Washington DC/Yokosuka Japan
Travel blogging, soon to be expat, tech junkie, map loving, home brewing dad
249 1,560 1,360 115
Phil Harder @k4ne
Bridgewater, Virginia, USA
Amateur radio, electronic home brewing, CW, digital modes, SKCC, NAQCC, QRPARCI, ARRL
1,275 554 1,354 2,356
Paul Evans @homebrewingkits
Solihull, UK
Providing great information and deals on Home Brewing
5,281 1,801 1,346 1,653
Jim's Beer Kit @JimsHomebrew
England UK
Jims Homebrew Forum is one of the top sites for craft brewers of British Ales. Join today for friendly and helpful discussions of home brewing!
1,352 327 1,321 1,854
Jeff K. @Jskorn
Giants fan & avid tailgater - it's all about the tailgate party. Enjoy golf, home brewing and bbq (love my smoker).
8,772 1,515 1,304 2,167
Baylands Brewery @baylandsbrewery
Wellington, New Zealand
As the name suggests we make beer. The brewery, home brew supplies store and cellar door are on Victoria Street in Petone. Tweets are by Nikki or Aidan.
4,458 250 1,299 1,370
South Yeasters @SouthYeasters
Cape Town
We are a home brewing club in South Africa for anyone brewing beer or thinking of brewing beer.
1,005 75 1,290 997
Jon @N5JLD
Amateur Extra EM12ht DFW
Amateur radio, home brew electronics, kit building & severe weather spotting. I follow those that actively post about Ham Radio. RTers & 4sq = no follow
855 1,262 1,301 1,590
ZaZaZa Pizza @zazazapizza
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
ZaZaZa Pizza With Pizazz is Ottawa's Gourmet Pizza ! Cornmeal, Honey Oat & GF crusts, home brewed sauces & wild toppings. Beer, Wine & Takeout Daily 11am-10pm.
2,118 777 1,303 1,235