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Twitter users with "sustainable agriculture" in their profiles
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Earth Eats @eartheats
Bloomington, Indiana
Podcast, public radio program, blog from @wfiu. Tweets by @oboeontheradio about local food, food safety, policy, sustainable agriculture, recipes.
18,605 2,138 358,955 2,302
Ganadería & Agro @GanaderiaMex
Generando productores agropecuarios mejor informados #Agriculture #Farming #Crops #Cattle #Livestock #FoodSecurity #Sustainability #Development #Rural
79,552 72,562 254,665 1,436
Monsanto Company @MonsantoCo
St. Louis, MO
Monsanto is an agricultural company working with others to address the world's food challenges and sustain the environment.
24,931 5,032 63,878 2,734
Farming First @farmingfirst
Farming First is a global coalition calling on world leaders to increase agricultural output in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.
7,434 4,711 33,421 2,247
e-Agriculture @e_agriculture
A global initiative to enhance sustainable agricultural development & food security by improving the use of information and communication technologies. Join us!
6,312 535 26,326 2,329
Root Capital @RootCapital
Cambridge, MA
Root Capital grows rural prosperity by investing in small and growing agricultural businesses that build sustainable livelihoods in Africa and Latin America.
3,557 1,258 14,329 1,691
Bioversity @BioversityInt
Maccarese, Italy
We are a global research-for-development organization. We have a vision – that agricultural biodiversity nourishes people and sustains the planet.
5,502 625 13,921 1,383
American Hemp @AmericanHempNow
Redding, CA
Our mission is to promote feasible, sustainable agricultural methods that maintain the air, soil, water and ocean environments that support life on Earth.
20 64 13,705 383
NSAC @sustainableag
Washington, DC
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) on federal food & farm policy. Working for family farms, the environment, healthy food, strong communities!
3,878 899 13,321 2,169
FAO Forestry @FAOForestry
Rome, Italy
The Forestry Department of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization helps nations manage their forests in a sustainable way
6,183 923 12,255 965
Combat Farmer @thecombatfarmer
1st generation Combat Farmer - 3rd generation Family Farmer - Farm Management Consultant - Sustainable Agriculture techniques from lessons learned in War Zones
2,198 12,462 11,695 649
Agriculture View @AgricultureView
Follow us to get the latest information about sustainable agriculture
6,437 12,211 11,128 1,638
Land Food People Fdn @localfoodplus
We are dedicated to the promotion of sustainable agriculture that preserves and protects the environment and enhances human welfare.
3,127 1,150 10,216 2,330
IL Corn Farmers @ilcorn
Bloomington, IL
Illinois corn farmers power a sustainable economy through ethanol, livestock and nutritious food. We love agriculture, the land and CornBelters baseball.
2,442 6,636 8,360 1,945
Stone Barns Center @StoneBarns
Pocantico Hills, NY
Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture is a nonprofit education center and 80-acre farm working to create a healthy and sustainable food system.
3,050 670 8,233 1,987
Laura Mathews @punkrockgardens
New Cumberland, PA
Gardener. Garden writer and photographer. Interested in sustainable gardening and agriculture. We all need good food.
10,171 3,304 6,763 2,313
AGRA @AGRAAlliance
AGRA's mission is to trigger a uniquely African Green Revolution, transforming African agriculture to a sustainable system that lifts millions out of poverty
1,450 604 6,687 1,357
Vancouver, BC
Over two decades supporting sustainable agriculture & celebrating local food in British Columbia.
3,644 304 6,572 2,373
The Food Project @TheFoodProject
Boston, MA USA
The Food Project works to create personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. We believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food.
1,814 994 5,686 2,141
Rothamsted Research @Rothamsted
Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK
Established in 1843. Providing agriculture with science and innovation to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production.
906 553 5,451 2,027
Gabriela Burian @gpburian
French born Brazilian in USA
Sustainability Agric Eng & Mom living to be part of the change thru Sust Agriculture & Action2020 Worldwide w/ Partners, Monsanto & Growers. Views are my own
10,604 4,747 5,332 2,107
ICARDA works with countries in the world's #dryareas to promote sustainable agriculture, raise farmer incomes, and strengthen food security
1,057 579 5,306 2,114
Community Garden @GardenCommunity
sustainable agriculture, Community Gardens, Urban Farms, hens, chickens & Household Garden Plots, local food systems, food security
1,129 398 5,049 2,275
Sun State Organics @SSOComposter
Ocala, Florida
100% sustainable #agriculture. Composting, Vermiculture, and Proprietary #Organic #Vertical Growing Systems. #disabilitiestoabilities #agritech #waste #foodtech
8,812 5,539 5,050 1,863
Lufa Farms @LufaFarms
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Serres sur les toits, agriculture urbaine et aliments locaux. Rooftop greenhouses, urban agriculture, and sustainable local food.
4,767 117 4,905 1,681
IFDC is a non-profit, science-based organization working to alleviate global hunger and poverty by improving sustainable agricultural productivity.
4,529 3,522 4,790 1,891
Sustain @UKSustain
Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that help people and the planet.
2,951 1,110 4,763 2,121
Seedstock @Seedstock
Seedstock is the blog for sustainable agriculture focusing on startups, entrepreneurship, technology, urban agriculture, news and research.
3,868 1,902 4,727 1,586
Wiebe de Boer @wdboer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Supports social equity, environmental #sustainability & pro-poor #innovation in the South (#agriculture #FoodSecurity #gender #poverty #youth #rural)
3,435 4,097 4,633 2,430
Monsanto Europe @MonsantoEurope
Brussels, Belgium
Monsanto Europe, a global leader in agricultural innovation and sustainable ag solutions. Tweets by Brandon Mitchener & the European public affairs team.
3,098 1,020 4,553 854
Lincoln, Neb.
In the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) we are all about people, and the food, water and natural resources that sustain them.
6,011 2,733 4,026 2,365
Fair Food @FairFoodStand
Reading Terminal, Philly, PA
Dedicated to bringing locally grown food to the marketplace and to promoting humane, sustainable agriculture; Connecting you to local family farms.
1,659 557 3,468 2,057
Bham Farmers Mkt @BhamFarmersMkt
Bellingham, WA
Supporting local, sustainable agriculture through a vibrant market place
1,396 84 3,165 2,245
PowerHouse Growers @PHGrowers
Global Media Publishing
The only experts connecting the sustainability industry silos. Healthy Design Aficianado | Urban Agriculture | Human Health | Smart Cities | Green Real Estate
2,941 2,111 3,142 697
STEPS Centre @stepscentre
Brighton, UK
Pathways to sustainability in energy, water, health & agriculture at @IDS_UK and @SPRU. Tweets by @julia_day & @nathan_oxley & @adrian_ely
3,402 650 3,080 2,317
21 Acres @21Acres
Pacific Northwest
Our Mission: To cultivate, demonstrate and advance systems that support sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.
2,922 899 3,024 2,279
Buy Fresh Buy Local @buylocalCA
Berkeley, CA
Buy Fresh Buy Local is a program run by CAFF (@famfarms) in California. We promote local food, family farms, and sustainable agriculture throughout the state.
464 967 2,995 2,220
Rod Snyder @RodSnyderWV
Shenandoah Junction, WV
Working to advance sustainability across US agriculture. Past president of Young Democrats of America. Proud West Virginian. Tweets are my own.
5,747 91 2,905 2,066
Oregon Rural Action @OregonRural
Rural Oregon
Community organizing nonprofit promoting social justice, agricultural and economic sustainability, and stewardhip of the region's land, air and water.
900 868 2,880 2,300
Rachel Carter @RachelCarterPR
Vermont homesteader, cocker spaniel mama, PR chick for VT sustainable agriculture, energy and forestry
5,374 1,621 2,801 2,290
Beth Hoffman @BethFoodAg
San Francisco
Food. Agriculture. Sustainability. The little guy. Prof at @USFCA, blogger @Forbes + freelance radio journalism too.
2,717 278 2,675 1,385
Médard MELINKAN @melinkanos
Bilingual Specialist in Adult Education(Trainer). Entrepreneur in Farming and Palm Oil. Ecologist(for sustainable agriculture and development)
1,742 2,602 2,636 502
EARTH University @EARTH_Uni
Costa Rica
EARTH University solves the environmental and social challenges of the planet by educating young leaders from developing countries in #Sustainable agriculture.
2,106 2,728 2,571 2,065
Lance Tullis @ltullis
Central California
I get money for public agencies. Interests = surfing, mountain biking, culinary, and sustainable agriculture.
1,613 2,247 2,612 2,069
Tim Fenn @ECO2H2OUSE
Sustainability masterplanning & training: Linking water, food, energy, waste, transport & biodiversity into construction, manufacturing, ecotourism, agriculture
1,992 2,407 2,515 1,239
Upper Midwest
Official Land Stewardship Project twitter. LSP is a family farm & sustainable agriculture membership organization working for people & the land.
1,974 710 2,489 1,538
Jack Gough @jgough87
Hornsby, Sydney
Passionately for sustainable agriculture. No fan of coal or csg. Policy advisor to Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham. - Love not man the less, but Nature more...
9,056 1,551 2,486 923
Eoin Lettice @blogscience
Cork, Ireland
Plant Scientist at @uccBEES & Deputy Director of @COHRucc at @UCC. Into sustainable agriculture, soils, plant pathology, #scicomm & #eLearning.
15,479 1,650 2,427 1,866
Farmers' News @Agro_India
Chandigarh (India)
Prakash Foundation Charitable Trust (PFCT) ~ Empowering Farmers & making Agriculture sustainable. / Official News Portal: http://t.co/NCZDfhDjtS
3,716 2,120 2,417 1,361
Heirloom Meals @HeirloomMeals
The Berkshires, MA
Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today.Treasured family Recipes & stories.Celebrate local & sustainable agriculture. NPR Radio Show.PBS TV Show, cookbook(soon!).
3,423 2,069 2,389 2,239