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Candace Jackson @candacejackson
San Francisco, Calif.
WSJ real estate reporter and pop culture observer. | SF-er by way of Bklyn and Mpls. | Clear Eyes. Full Hearts.
5,065 1,436 5,789 2,253
Juro Osawa @JuroOsawa
Hong Kong
Asia tech reporter for Wall Street Journal. Photography lover. Flipbook collector. http://t.co/SzyA4qBkBv
1,190 2,140 5,785 1,825
Paul Vieira @paulvieira
ÜT: 45.417221,-75.677044
Ottawa correspondent for The Wall Street Journal; fantasy baseball geek; Real Madrid fan; father to Isaac; RT ≠ endorsement; news tips to paul.vieira@wsj.com
70,508 2,062 5,775 2,294
Melissa Korn @melissakorn
Wall Street Journal reporter covering higher education. I like scoops, including those made of ice cream. melissa dot korn at wsj dot com
3,197 1,219 5,743 2,071
Josh Zumbrun @JoshZumbrun
Washington, DC
National economics correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. Covering the world's usual state of greed and disorder, confusion and apathy. josh.zumbrun@wsj.com
10,125 676 5,733 1,488
New York, NY
Got a question about dining etiquette? Cooking techniques? New equipment? Ask #DearFloFab. Tweets are by Florence Fabricant and The New York Times Dining staff.
108 40 5,718 829
Mark Mazzetti @MarkMazzettiNYT
Washington, DC
National Security Correspondent, The New York Times. Author of The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth.
265 366 5,739 1,770
Steven Perlberg @perlberg
New York, NY
@wsj reporter covering media/advertising
12,267 794 5,657 1,511
WSJ Ideas Market @WSJIdeasMarket
Delivering the latest news and commentary from the world of ideas, brought to you by The Wall Street Journal's Review section.
5,806 629 5,650 1,538
Shalini Ramachandran @ShaliniWSJ
New York City
Wall Street Journal reporter covering the TV & broadband industry. Bookworm, beatboxer, music nerd and media & tech lover. Email: shalini.ramachandran@wsj.com.
2,307 505 5,709 2,231
Emily Glazer @EmilyGlazerWSJ
New York, NY
Banking reporter for @WSJ focusing on JP Morgan Chase & Wells Fargo. Show me the ropes: emily.glazer@wsj.com. http://t.co/Evev3RAwnE
2,058 744 5,612 2,411
Ben Leubsdorf @BenLeubsdorf
Washington, D.C.
I cover the Federal Reserve and the economy for @WSJ. DC native. Hyperactive news omnivore. Also I like burritos.
14,389 916 5,598 2,244
Louise Radnofsky @louiseradnofsky
Washington, D.C.
Health policy reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Life-long American abroad.
1,533 1,191 5,522 1,344
Rachel Louise Ensign @RachelEnsignWSJ
New York, NY
@WSJ risk & compliance reporter. Covering whistleblowers, bribery, money laundering, corporate compliance. rachel.ensign@wsj.com
4,403 1,143 5,509 1,413
Susan Edgerley @nytedgerley
New York, New York
Deputy Food Editor of The New York Times, #NYTCooking
2,336 690 5,477 2,348
Michael S. Schmidt @MichaelSSchmidt
Washington D.C.
Reporter for The New York Times in Washington.
1,817 1,225 5,575 2,381
Sara Clemence @SaraClemence
New York, NY
@WSJ travel editor, writer, food lover. Sharing news, tips, trends, inspiration, advice you didn't ask for. Views expressed=mine all mine.
3,908 852 5,508 2,291
Emily Chasan @echasan
New York
Senior Editor @ The Wall Street Journal's CFO Journal (@CFOJournal). Writing on #accounting, regulation, #IR, #tax, #corpgov & capital markets. All things #CFO.
5,361 3,585 5,458 2,252
David Weidner @davidweidner
San Francisco, Calif.
Wall Street opinion WSJ MarketWatch Opinions are my own but I'm always right.
6,345 693 5,428 2,545
Vivian Toy @VivianSToy
New York, NY
Deputy editor of the New York Times Real Estate section.
1,273 243 5,420 2,103
Yuka Hayashi @TokyoWoods
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo correspondent/deputy bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal. I write about economy, foreign policy and politics.
2,235 563 5,542 1,929
Marc Lacey @marclacey
New York, NY
Weekend editor @nytimes, which means your Friday is my Wednesday.
8,682 1,745 5,397 2,561
Ted Mann @TMannWSJ
New York, NY
Reporter, corporate bureau, The Wall Street Journal.
21,429 1,365 5,352 2,317
NYTimes The Pour @nytimesthepour
New York, NY
This Twitter account is defunct. Follow Eric Asimov, chief wine critic for The Times at @nytimesdining and @ericasimov.
296 120 5,348 2,401
Anna Mathews @annawmathews
Los Angeles
Reporter for the Wall Street Journal covering health insurers and reimbursement policy
250 234 5,334 2,210
Yun-Hee Kim @yunheekim22
Hong Kong via NY and Seoul
Asia Technology Editor at The Wall Street Journal. Email: yun-hee.kim@wsj.com
1,822 774 5,289 934
Carlos Tejada @CRTejada
WSJ editor in Beijing. Slowly, painfully studying Chinese. Retweet = look at this, nothing more. Warning: There will be #Jayhawks posts.
8,397 728 5,273 2,215
James R. Hagerty @JamesRHagerty
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Wall Street Journal reporter on manufacturing. With WSJ for over 30 years in Europe, Asia, U.S. Author of Fateful History of Fannie Mae. bob.hagerty@wsj.com
1,770 577 5,252 2,076
WSJ Emerging Europe @EmergingEurope
Central and Eastern Europe
WSJ and Dow Jones reporters provide the inside track on economics, politics and business in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Turkey.
3,238 2 5,230 2,056
Martin Fackler @facklernyt
Tokyo bureau chief, New York Times. ニューヨークタイムズ東京支局長
2,221 381 5,204 1,410
Cynthia Collins @NYCcyn
New York City
@NYTimes editor, social media. Professional fan of Springsteen & E Street Band, Yanks baseball & surfing. Man, the dope's that there's still hope.
10,921 3,035 5,196 2,590
GlennHall @GlennHall
New York, NY
U.S. Editor of The Wall Street Journal. Oversee politics, economy and America in general.
11,283 2,225 5,165 2,649
Valentina Pop @valentinapop
Covering the EU bubble, migration & international courts for The Wall Street Journal. The name is real. Made in Transylvania.
4,567 513 5,157 2,165
Laura Meckler @laurameckler
Washington, DC
Covering 2016 politics for @WSJ. In past lives, I roamed through the White House, demographics, health care and immigration. At home, I'm mommy to 2 cute boys.
892 417 5,105 2,281
Shirley S Wang @ShirleyWang
Health reporter and In the Lab columnist at The Wall Street Journal. RTs not endorsements.
2,612 615 5,093 2,001
Nicole Childers @mediagyrl
Los Angeles, CA
Senior Producer @marketplace & @marketplacetech, Ivy League Grad, 2x Emmy Winner, Former Foster Kid & ABC News/NPR/Fusion alum. Oh. & I'm fearless!
6,379 3,586 5,087 1,778
Andrew Das @AndrewDasNYT
Made you look.
15,184 684 5,083 1,343
Washington, D.C.
Political Perceptions is http://t.co/1WITl872pT’s center for political analysis
797 4 5,069 2,440
UK Contingent @ukcontingent
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Contingent to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. Follow our journey before, during & after! #Japan2015
3,893 628 5,063 2,087
Jennifer Maloney @maloneyfiles
New York
Books reporter, bucket gardener, museum lurker, Suzuki music kid. Write me at jennifer.maloney@wsj.com.
6,621 669 5,047 2,161
Shayndi Raice @Shayndi
London, UK
Pronounced Shayne-dee. I am not a drink. Deals reporter for The Wall Street Journal based in London.
2,958 764 5,041 1,818
Tim Hanrahan @TimJHanrahan
Washington, D.C.
Washington online editor, and a deputy bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal.
8,408 860 5,026 2,217
Bradley Davis @bradleydaviswsj
New York, NY
Digital Editor for Markets & Finance, The Wall Street Journal. Head twit: @wsjmarkets. Omahan in New York.
4,438 449 4,993 1,508
Daniel Wakin @danwakin
New York
New York Times deputy culture editor. Used to cover classical music, dance, papal conclaves and other stuff occasionally. Plays a little clarinet.
1,199 475 4,988 2,069
Pervaiz Shallwani @Pervaizistan
New York, NY
@WSJ Criminal Justice reporter based in New York, focus on the NYPD. Former host of #NYChowReport. FCI trained cook. Sharing meals on Instagram: @pervaizistan
7,417 1,996 4,985 2,462
Kinsey Wilson @kinseywilson
New York City
Editor for Innovation and Strategy, @NYTimes. Previously head of news/programming/digital @NPR.
28 121 4,976 2,856
Andrew Jacobs @AndrewJacobsNYT
Beijing, China
Andrew Jacobs is a reporter in the Beijing bureau of the New York Times.
681 249 4,939 1,718
Francis X. Rocca @FrancisXRocca
Vatican reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Former Rome bureau chief for Catholic News Service. Director of the documentary film Voices of Vatican II.
2,524 560 4,911 2,342
Jennifer Medina @jennymedina
Los Angeles
New York Times national correspondent in LA. Southern California native. Still trying to understand the place. Explanations welcome: jemedina@nytimes.com
2,051 1,114 4,957 2,265
Frontier Markets @FrontierMarkets
New York
Key news affecting frontier market investors. Curated by Dan Keeler, frontier markets editor at the Wall Street Journal.
1,110 80 4,906 1,405