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Melissa Korn @melissakorn
Reporter covering higher education @WSJ. I like scoops, including those made of ice cream. melissa dot korn at wsj dot com
3,350 1,254 5,937 2,110
Steven Perlberg @perlberg
New York, NY
@wsj reporter covering media/advertising
12,536 797 5,812 1,549
The New York Times @NYTLegalDept
New York
Looking for the official Twitter feed for The New York Times? Follow us @nytimes
1 0 5,806 1,551
Ben Leubsdorf @BenLeubsdorf
Washington, D.C.
I cover the Federal Reserve and the economy for @WSJ. DC native. Hyperactive news omnivore. Also I like burritos.
14,746 898 5,799 2,283
Yuka Hayashi @TokyoWoods
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo correspondent/deputy bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal. I write about economy, foreign policy and politics.
2,310 589 5,789 1,967
Emily Glazer @EmilyGlazerWSJ
New York, NY
Banking reporter for @WSJ focusing on JP Morgan Chase & Wells Fargo. Show me the ropes: emily.glazer@wsj.com. http://t.co/Evev3RAwnE
2,097 747 5,767 2,450
New York, NY
Got a question about dining etiquette? Cooking techniques? New equipment? Ask #DearFloFab. Tweets are by Florence Fabricant and The New York Times Dining staff.
108 40 5,764 867
Martin Fackler @facklernyt
Tokyo bureau chief, New York Times. ニューヨークタイムズ東京支局長 纽约时报东京分社社长 Retweets are to circulate ideas, not endorse.
2,832 414 5,757 1,449
Louise Radnofsky @louiseradnofsky
Washington, D.C.
Health policy reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Life-long American abroad.
1,577 1,217 5,691 1,383
WSJ Ideas Market @WSJIdeasMarket
Delivering the latest news and commentary from the world of ideas, brought to you by The Wall Street Journal's Review section.
5,806 629 5,651 1,577
Sara Clemence @SaraClemence
New York, NY
@WSJ travel editor, writer, food lover. Sharing news, tips, trends, inspiration, advice you didn't ask for. Views expressed=mine all mine.
3,936 857 5,649 2,330
Rachel Louise Ensign @RachelEnsignWSJ
New York, NY
@WSJ banking reporter focusing on regional banks. E-mail me: rachel.ensign@wsj.com
4,483 1,168 5,644 1,452
Noti Finanzas VE @notifinance
Noticias en general con énfasis en el ámbito financiero en Venezuela y el mundo
1,010 5,058 5,613 1,905
Marc Lacey @marclacey
New York, NY
Weekend editor @nytimes, which means your Friday is my Wednesday.
9,064 1,800 5,609 2,600
Emily Chasan @echasan
New York
Senior Editor @ The Wall Street Journal's CFO Journal (@CFOJournal). Writing on #accounting, regulation, #IR, #tax, #corpgov & capital markets. All things #CFO.
5,473 3,632 5,560 2,291
Susan Edgerley @nytedgerley
New York, New York
Deputy Food Editor of The New York Times, #NYTCooking
2,369 698 5,555 2,387
اسكن في بيتنا :)
حررت عقلي فتحرر رأيي حرر عقلك قبل ان تناقشني فلا احب نقاش مستعبدي العقول .
19,773 5,466 5,539 1,145
Yun-Hee Kim @yunheekim22
Hong Kong via NY and Seoul
Asia Technology Editor at The Wall Street Journal. Email: yun-hee.kim@wsj.com
1,909 798 5,500 972
Anna Mathews @annawmathews
Los Angeles
Reporter for the Wall Street Journal covering health insurers and reimbursement policy
254 234 5,460 2,249
Vivian Toy @VivianSToy
New York, NY
Deputy editor of the New York Times Real Estate section.
1,280 243 5,495 2,142
David Weidner @davidweidner
San Francisco, Calif.
Wall Street opinion WSJ MarketWatch Opinions are my own but I'm always right.
6,383 693 5,453 2,584
Ted Mann @TMannWSJ
New York, NY
Reporter at The Wall Street Journal. Industrials. Train things. Occasional relapses into politics. ted.mann@wsj.com
21,877 1,401 5,437 2,356
Carlos Tejada @CRTejada
WSJ editor in Beijing. Slowly, painfully studying Chinese. Retweet = look at this, nothing more. Warning: There will be #Jayhawks posts.
8,741 736 5,421 2,254
David Furst @DavidFurstNYT
New York
The New York Times International Picture Editor
492 399 5,384 401
NYTimes The Pour @nytimesthepour
New York, NY
This Twitter account is defunct. Follow Eric Asimov, chief wine critic for The Times at @nytimesdining and @ericasimov.
296 120 5,341 2,440
UK Contingent @ukcontingent
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Contingent to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. Follow our journey before, during & after! #Japan2015
4,196 630 5,326 2,125
Valentina Pop @valentinapop
Covering the EU bubble, migration & international courts for The Wall Street Journal. The name is real. Made in Transylvania.
4,651 529 5,316 2,204
James R. Hagerty @JamesRHagerty
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Wall Street Journal reporter on manufacturing. With WSJ for over 30 years in Europe, Asia, U.S. Author of Fateful History of Fannie Mae. bob.hagerty@wsj.com
1,804 586 5,311 2,115
Cynthia Collins @NYCcyn
New York City
@NYTimes editor, social media. Professional fan of Springsteen & E Street Band, Yanks baseball & surfing. Man, the dope's that there's still hope.
10,972 3,052 5,253 2,629
Frontier Markets @FrontierMarkets
New York
Key news affecting frontier market investors. Curated by Dan Keeler, frontier markets editor at the Wall Street Journal. @WSJ
1,192 83 5,253 1,444
WSJ Emerging Europe @EmergingEurope
Central and Eastern Europe
WSJ and Dow Jones reporters provide the inside track on economics, politics and business in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Turkey.
3,238 2 5,238 2,095
GlennHall @GlennHall
New York, NY
U.S. Editor of The Wall Street Journal. Oversee politics, economy and America in general. @WSJUSnews
11,450 2,337 5,233 2,688
Shirley S Wang @ShirleyWang
Health reporter and In the Lab columnist at The Wall Street Journal. RTs not endorsements.
2,649 619 5,222 2,040
Laura Meckler @laurameckler
Washington, DC
Covering 2016 politics for @WSJ. In past lives, I roamed through the White House, demographics, health care and immigration. At home, I'm mommy to 2 cute boys.
953 429 5,195 2,320
Tim Hanrahan @TimJHanrahan
Washington, D.C.
Washington online editor, and a deputy bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal.
9,037 888 5,171 2,256
Loretta Chao @LorettaChao
New York
@WSJ reporter covering supply chain & logistics, a.k.a. how everything is made & moved. Former tech/China/Brazil correspondent. Some tweets in Portuguese.
1,814 1,836 5,142 2,713
Jennifer Maloney @maloneyfiles
New York
@WSJ books reporter. Bucket gardener. Museum lurker. Suzuki music kid. Write me at jennifer.maloney@wsj.com.
6,768 688 5,116 2,200
Shayndi Raice @Shayndi
London, UK
Pronounced Shayne-dee. I am not a drink. Deals reporter for The Wall Street Journal based in London.
3,185 813 5,105 1,857
Francis X. Rocca @FrancisXRocca
Vatican reporter for the Wall Street Journal @WSJ. Ex-chief of CNS Rome bureau. Director of documentary *Voices of Vatican II: Participants Recall the Council*
2,610 591 5,090 2,381
Nicole Childers @mediagyrl
Los Angeles, CA
Senior Producer @marketplace & @marketplacetech, Ivy League Grad, 2x Emmy Winner, Former Foster Kid & ABC News/NPR/Fusion alum. Oh. & I'm fearless!
6,387 3,561 5,083 1,817
Washington, D.C.
Political Perceptions is http://t.co/1WITl872pT’s center for political analysis
797 4 5,046 2,479
Daniel Wakin @danwakin
New York
New York Times deputy culture editor. Used to cover classical music, dance, papal conclaves and other stuff. Plays a little clarinet.
1,219 479 5,056 2,108
Andrew Jacobs @AndrewJacobsNYT
Beijing, China
Andrew Jacobs is a reporter in the Beijing bureau of the New York Times.
688 249 5,038 1,757
Jacob Gershman @jacobgershman
Wall Street Journal legal affairs reporter. Law Blog lead writer @WSJlawblog. Email me: jacob.gershman@wsj.com
4,300 502 5,036 1,600
Kinsey Wilson @kinseywilson
New York City
Editor for Innovation and Strategy, @NYTimes. Previously head of news/programming/digital @NPR.
28 121 5,030 2,895
Bankruptcy Beat @WSJBankruptcy
Washington, D.C.
A @WSJ blog focusing on corporate bankruptcy cases and corporate distress. Posts by @MelanieLisa, with contributions from @KatyStech.
4,599 164 5,052 1,373
CFO Journal @CFOJournal
The Wall Street Journal's CFO Journal. Read the CFO Report http://t.co/1hqOUNRADk Subscribe to the Morning Ledger http://t.co/dFF1QBvyN5
5,669 378 5,007 1,543
Ian Talley @IanTalley
Washington, DC
International Finance Reporter for The Wall Street Journal
4,514 673 5,156 2,076
Pervaiz Shallwani @Pervaizistan
New York, NY
Write about cops, robbers & criminal justice in NYC for @WSJ. Focus on the NYPD. FCI trained cook. Sharing meals on Instagram: @pervaizistan
7,625 2,002 4,991 2,501
Jennifer Medina @jennymedina
Los Angeles
New York Times national correspondent in LA. Southern California native. Still trying to understand the place. Explanations welcome: jemedina@nytimes.com
2,106 1,145 4,986 2,304