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Nick Corasaniti @NYTnickc
Washington, D.C.
First Drafter at New York Times Washington Bureau. Surfer, sandwich pundit. 'Basically an urbanized Ron Swanson.' - @mattfleg corasan@nytimes.com
10,405 1,198 3,662 1,566
Kelly Crow @KellyCrowWSJ
New York, DC
Kelly Crow is a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal covering the wild and woolly art market. A native of Edmond, Oklahoma, she lives everywhere, NY, DC.
10,462 3,122 19,137 2,396
pharmalot @pharmalot
New Jersey and New York
The latest news and views about the pharmaceutical industry, with @EdSilverman of The Wall Street Journal http://t.co/E67iFtJgQr
10,234 374 36,767 2,704
Suliman Ali Zway @ILPADRINO0
Benghazi-Tripoli Libya
Freelance Journalist, A Frequent contributor to NYT, Fixer/Producer.Views Are My Own, RTs Are Not Endorsements.
10,206 453 3,158 2,135
Sarah E. Needleman @saraheneedleman
New York, New York
I'm a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and I cover the videogame industry. I'm also a proud mom and proud Jersey girl. Write to sarah.needleman@wsj.com.
10,203 859 16,313 2,159
Sue Tran @SueTran
New York, NY
Art Director/Graphic Designer, eCommerce at @nytimes | Previously eCommerce Stylist at @karmaloop
10,143 184 345 2,273
Stuart A. Thompson @stuartathompson
New York City
Director of interactive graphics at @WSJ. Podcast addict, movie nut, GIF advocate, friendly Canuck.
10,139 2,013 4,410 2,139
Wheels @nytimeswheels
New York, NY
Tweets about car news, trends and all things automotive from the Automobiles desk of The New York Times.
10,133 76 32,124 2,440
Kim Nash @knash99
The Wall Street Journal, CIO Journal. Business technology journalist. Volunteer. Gardener. Loves a good story in any form. @WSJ
10,107 1,670 4,898 2,753
Chef BoyarCee @chefboyar_c
10,093 256 373 1,291
David Feith @DavidFeith
Hong Kong-based editorial page writer for The Wall Street Journal (@WSJopinion). Edited Teaching America: The Case for Civic Education (http://t.co/B8wuttioUp).
9,932 856 2,104 1,763
Mike Grynbaum @grynbaum
New York, NY
New York Times, City Hall Bureau Chief. Twitter dot com, @grynbaum Bureau Chief.
9,876 800 8,513 2,349
Mary Kissel @marykissel
New York City
@WSJOpinion editorial board member, @WSJLive Opinion Journal host, @batchelorshow on Thursday nights.
9,873 208 8,774 2,601
Jess Bidgood @jessbidgood
Somerville, MA
I cover New England for @nytimes. I like daytrips. Formerly @WGBHnews, @WBUR. jess.bidgood at nytimes dot com
9,823 908 7,595 2,614
Andrew Ackerman @amacker
Washington, DC
Covering how Washington regulates Wall Street (or doesn't) for The Wall Street Journal @wsj. Send me tips: andrew.ackerman@wsj.com
9,729 924 3,179 2,817
Wall Street @WSJwallstreet
New York, NY
Covering the global business of banking, financing, and deal making.
9,704 2 26,111 2,284
Thomas Kaplan @thomaskaplan
New York
Albany reporter for The New York Times, writing about New York State government and politics. Email: thomas.kaplan@nytimes.com.
9,513 918 10,737 2,272
Rita Trichur @RitaTrichur
Canadian banking reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Tweets about financial services and other fun things Canuck. Email me at rita.trichur@wsj.com
9,453 1,558 2,753 2,207
Ralf P. Loserth @captainsnackbar
New York, New York
Opinions do not reflect those of the New York Times. Proud Veteran, advocate for the innocents of the legal system. Sciency Graduate student who loves physics.
9,452 1,213 770 1,080
NYT Photo @nytimesphoto
New York
Tweeting about photography and visual journalism in the news and on our radar. Banner photo: @heislerphoto / NYT
9,379 464 1,058,035 2,315
WSJ Middle East @WSJMidEast
Middle East
The Wall Street Journal's Middle East Real Time blog gives an inside look at the intersection of business, economics and politics in the Middle East
9,363 561 37,934 1,914
Jon Sindreu @jonsindreu
Molt bona persona. Sempre saludava. Economics Reporter at The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ). I tweet mostly in English, Catalan and Nerd. Opinions are my own.
9,329 1,606 693 1,409
Ashlynn @ashlynnhaller
pretty is as pretty does
I go to Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts. I enjoy geochachig and Braum's. Ham Newhart ❤️
9,261 642 833 1,769
Maria Abi-Habib @Abihabib
Middle East reporter -The Wall Street Journal. Focus on jihadi movements. Formerly based in Afghanistan. Rants mine, all mine. maria.habib@wsj.com
9,240 1,389 16,611 1,683
Katherine Schulten @KSchulten
Brooklyn, New York
Editor of @NYTimesLearning & contributor to @NYTarchives. Mother of teenage twins, novel reader, penny picker-upper.
9,111 4,807 6,937 2,619
Sablich Brothers @5thDownFantasy
New York
@nytimes fantasy football experts. Most accurate @FantasyPros_NFL rankings (2011-13); Top 5 2014. Justin also at @JSablichNYT.
9,111 889 12,671 1,802
Marc Lacey @marclacey
New York, NY
Weekend editor @nytimes, which means your Friday is my Wednesday.
9,064 1,800 5,609 2,600
Tim Hanrahan @TimJHanrahan
Washington, D.C.
Washington online editor, and a deputy bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal.
9,037 888 5,171 2,256
Michael S. Derby @michaelsderby
New York City
Wall Street Journal Fed reporter. Ex-Baltimore. Owner of many basses. This is my happening and it freaks me out.
8,975 1,159 4,289 1,877
Luis @lSolorio
Morelia Mex and Las vegas baby
Once a suit, always a suit. I do it for the stories. Zoe Water USA and the Cosmopolitan LV
8,948 1,119 329 2,167
New York Times Goal @nytimesgoal
New York, NY
Soccer coverage from The New York Times, including news, analysis and features.
8,789 57 20,606 2,443
Anita Patil @anitappatil
New York, NY
Deputy editorial director, global content strategy at The New York Times, News Services. I like minutiae. I like greeting dogs. And am hungry early and often.
8,772 1,609 1,437 2,990
Carlos Tejada @CRTejada
WSJ editor in Beijing. Slowly, painfully studying Chinese. Retweet = look at this, nothing more. Warning: There will be #Jayhawks posts.
8,741 736 5,421 2,255
WSJ Expat @WSJexpat
New York, NY
For expats and global nomads everywhere: Tweeting out of London, New York & Hong Kong: @fionamatthias @RosenthalRC @gabbystern @demetria_g and @polyalesova
8,614 108 26,353 2,284
Gillian Tan @GillianTan
New York via Sydney, Australia
Wall Street Journal reporter covering deal financing, private equity and M&A. Fan of group fitness, the beach & of course, tennis. gillian.tan@wsj.com
8,562 371 3,805 1,683
Wes @TheNuclearAge
The Stoic Forest
Hard heads don't get the picture until they see the flash.
8,538 798 211 1,571
Laura M. Holson @lauramholson
NYC or someplace interesting
Feature writer NY Times. Occasionally write about Hollywood where a studio executive once held a butter knife to my neck. On http://t.co/PLOzK8uClM
8,505 1,603 4,195 1,777
Paul Sonne @PaulSonne
Moscow correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. Former @WSJ London correspondent. RT ≠ endorsement.
8,497 2,622 22,685 2,146
Rachel Bachman @Bachscore
New York
Reporter for The Wall Street Journal. I write about people who exert themselves. Rachel dot bachman at wsj dot com
8,495 497 6,562 2,172
The New York Times @1TheNewYorkTime
8,468 64 358 528
George Bretherton @fifthdownnyc
New York City
Any man’s finest hour is that moment when he... ... lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.” -- Vince Lombardi. Proudly not one of the *experts*
8,421 1,547 1,668 1,441
Amy Harder @AmyAHarder
Washington DC
I cover energy policy for The Wall Street Journal. amy.harder@wsj.com.
8,417 2,889 21,738 2,245
CMO Today @wsjCMO
New York, NY
Marketing, advertising and media news, tailored for chief marketing officers, from The Wall Street Journal's CMO Today.
8,341 37 57,829 2,284
Steve Rosenbush @Steve_Rosenbush
Editor, @WSJ @CIOJournal. Technology as a business tool. Self-driving cars. Heavy industry and technology; energy; AI;. Longreads. Football.
8,401 1,591 2,762 1,760
Michael de la Merced @m_delamerced
San Francisco, CA
Wenn ihr wollt, dude, ist es kein Märchen. Mergers + VC + startups + IPOs + private equity + bankruptcy + banks + &c. merced at nytimes dot com.
8,276 1,040 12,397 2,839
Beth Reinhard @bethreinhard
Washington, D.C.
Wall Street Journal national politics reporter
8,328 146 9,777 2,264
katephillips @katephillips
new york
NYT Bizday editor for retail/food/consumer/labor, etc. Former online politics editor, polling editor. NYC/DC habitats. TV addict.
8,261 917 3,749 2,506
&ie @AndieKanaras
The World
I saw everything in the world build up and then everything in the world fall down again. Wanderer/Advocate/Pup Lover
8,206 500 396 1,390
Geoffrey Rogow @GRogow
New York, NY
@WSJ News Editor after previous lives covering stocks, FX and Australia. BBQ enthusiast.
8,278 2,208 3,463 2,273
DJPrivateEquity @DJPrivateEquity
New York, NY
The official twitter account for Dow Jones' global team of editors and reporters covering all things private equity. Check out our blog:
8,182 322 13,162 2,284