Comparing users is easy with your new Fedica tools.

Easily compare followers with multiple accounts, looking at pairs of overlapping followers with the Find Common Followers tool, then see who they are, analyze them, or analyze each person’s following separately.

You will also see Common Followers as part of the Analyze Any Account tool which is used typically to gain a deep analysis on someone’s following.

Now with one report, know all of this in moments:

  • Their top influencers
  • Most engaged time-zones
  • Find common followers between any account combination
  • NEW! Brand affinity
  • NEW! Influence distribution  
  • NEW! Engagement reach, and tweet data
  • NEW! Interactive map and exportable chart to a city level
  • NEW! Followers' demographics, languages and time zones

In your new “Analyze Anyone” section, select “Find Common Followers.”

This way, you can click through the overlap of each pair of accounts to analyze their followers or see who you should target by saving the users not connected with you to analyze later, for example.

Save them to a list then analyze the list to get an even deeper insight.