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Sign up for Moz Pro to use Followerwonk's advanced features, as well as Moz Analytics, to improve all your inbound marketing.
Major features you'll get when you subscribe:

Search within
your social graph
Instead of doing bio and other searches across all of Twitter, you can filter results to show only matches within your followers, follows, or both.

Track follower growth
Our powerful social graph tracking captures all your new and lost followers, follows, and list memberships for your Twitter accounts (and competitors, too!). And we let you view sortable lists of new/lost followers for every day.

View sortable & filterable lists of users
Once you subscribe, pretty much everything you do on Followerwonk will return lists of users. From shared followers of competitors, to bio searches, to social graph tracking. And, for all, you can quickly view, sort, and filter each of these easily.

Get deep
engagement metrics
Mouseover any Twitter user with a few thousand followers, and we'll tell you all about their engagement history: including @contact percent, how often they retweet, and the percent of their tweets that contain URLs.

following & unfollowing
For any list of users in Followerwonk, you can quickly follow and unfollow without leaving the page.
And you also get: